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Guitar Hero or Rock Band: Be part of the band! Go head to head or start your solo career with a rendition of Stairway to Heaven or many more song choices to make the crowd roar! Not just on any big screen, our interactive zone can include a 10' screen with trussing, intelligent lighting that moves to the music, and hard kicking sound. We can also provide any of our interactive zones on flat screen televisions if you like.

Calf Roping - Saddle up and grab your lasso. You will mount the saddled horse and wait for the calf to shoot out, and rope yourself a doggie.Candy Table - who wouldn’t go crazy for a beautifully enticing wall of candy? We fill it with all your favorites and supply fun custom labeled keepsake bags your guest will fill and enjoy!
Cash Cube - Step into this fun booth and see how much money you can catch! This see-through booth has an air system to send dollars, coupons, or raffle tickets flying. Catch what you can and stuff it through the window before time is up! Choose our booth Dunk Tank - The player has three chances to hit the target making the seat drop and plunging the person into the 300-gallon tank. The unit has a cage-style front to protect the “dunkee”, and a wall with a target to aim at. [11' l x 6' w x 9' h]Game Zone - This is gaming at its best. We add the most popular XBox, WII, and/or Playstation games to a giant 10′ screen with sound system to create a gaming experience that can’t be beat
Giant Party PongGo Racers with Inflatable Track - Battery operated, ride on fun vehicle shaped like a toilet. Comes with an exciting inflatable race track to contain all of your guests zooming to win the race. Other body style themes like kegs, soda cans, football helmetRacers sit on an inflated horse and uses handles to balance.  Using their legs the racers hop to the finish line.
Wax HandsThe Makoto arena has been described as a cross between “Whack-a-Mole” and “Simon”.  Players attempt to hit the lighted area before the light goes off.  Reaction time and accuracy are measured electronically.
Photo Board Cowboy- Get your photo taken like you were in the Wild WestPit Stop Challenge - A race to be the fastest pit crew on the Nascar track. A great activity for teambuilding or race themed events.Quick Draw - A real western shoot-out in front of the old-time saloon. When the saloon doors swing open the cowboy jumps out with his guns ablazin’. Standing in the fur chaps, your laser pistol will score points if you are the quickest draw in the west.
Rockwall - 24’ tall rock wall to scale with harnesses, belay system, & climbing guide is always a crowd favorite. With an absolute thrill for any child or adult – climbers of all levels will have fun with this challenge.Trick or Treat Street- Great for Halloween Parties
Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment. So we take our VR headset and plunge you into a new world.