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Fun Productions  

Inflatable Games

Fun Productions has lots of fun inflatable games for your next picnic, corporate party, or special event!

An inflatable arena with up to 4 players competing in teams of 2. One team per side take small foam balls and drop them into air cannons.3 Point Kick - For the times when you can’t bring your event to the stadium, we’ll bring the goal posts to you. A huge hit for sports themed events and teambuilding.
Arena Sports Challenge - An inflated throwing game booth. You choose from the Football, Baseball, or Soccer themed backdrops. Radar gun and display are available to measure your speed.Recliner Rocker Hoop Shot - Sit back in your own recliner that will shake, rattle and roll while you shoot hoops. [20' w x 30' l x 12' h]Armchair Challenge - Just when you thought being an armchair quarterback was easy… Sit back in your own recliner that will shake, rattle and roll while you make passes to the receivers. [20' w x 30' l x 12' h]Bouncy Boxing - Now entering the ring… Ding, Ding, Ding. Put on your head gear and the planet’s largest boxing gloves, climb into the ring and go toe to toe. The inflated ring is netted all the way around. [15' l x 15' w x 9' h]
Unlike traditional soccer, bubble soccer has no limits, a full contact sport without any harm!Bungee Trampoline - One of the most exiting attractions on the market at the moment. The Bungee-Trampoline fascinates adults and children alike; it allows everyone (from 20 to 90 kg), even those with no experience, unlimited jumps up to 10 meters high.Chaos Obstacle Course - Rev up, jump in, climb over and through the obstacles to the wall and slide down 17’ to the finish.Bungee Run
Human Bowling with the ZorbBungee Sports ChallengeGiant Moon Bounce - This is a larger version of the kids’ backyard favorite, with three walls to bounce against. [24' w x 24' l x 15' h]
The most original bucking bronco you have ever seen.  An inflatable ring surrounds the mechanical ride.  All of the fun of the famous ride with the security of a safe inflatable to land on.A unique fun game for the whole family, and everyone instantly “gets” the concept as they associate it with the famous TV show.
Human FoosballHuman FoosballRobo Surf/Snow - The same motion simulator ride as in the Arm Chair Quaterback, except in a ski mountain or beach theme inflatable, hang ten on a board. These are the coolest rides to test your boarding skills. [17' w x 17' l x 10' h]
Inflatable Mountain ClimbSnowboard Surf Simulator - The same motion simulation ride as in the Arm Chair Quarterback, except in a ski mountain. A cool game to test your boarding skills. [17' w x 17' l x 10' h]Tiki Island Mountain climb - Scale one of the four sides of this inflatable mountain with a real rock look and professional hand holds, harnesses, ropes, and belaying system. [24’ w x 24' l x 28' h]Twister - Like the version you played as a kid, but LARGER. The 15’ x 18’ mat is inflated for soft landings. Spin the color wheel to see where your foot or hand will go next.
Slides are fun for kids of all ages.  Climb up 22' and cruise down to the bottom.Wrecking Ball - Can you knock down your opponents before they knock down you?Once inside, you can walk or run to roll the ball forward. Think of it as a giant hamster ball, where the person inside is the hamster. Throw in another sphere and perhaps some obstacles and you have got yourself a race.