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Fun Productions  

Carnival Games

Fun Productions has everything you need for a carnival themed picnic or event.  Choose from many popular carnival games like: Bean Bag Toss, Rainbow Roll, Tip a Troll, Fish Pond, 14' High Striker, and many more! These can be a fun addition to any office party, corporate event, company picnic, or fundraiser.

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5-In-1Can you make the 'Baskets Full?'
Big Mouth Bean Toss is harder than it looks!Can you get the ring to land on top in
Can SmashFull Carnival both with Fat Cats & Big Mouth Games.
What color will the wheel stop on?Can you cover the entire red circle?Cow Pie Fly
Can you hit the cue ball into the hole in Shoot a dart onto a star!
Knock over the Go fishing in our Fish Pond
Kiddie Hi-StrikerDistort yourself with our fun mirrorsHi Striker
Hit me with your best shot.Sucker PunchShockwave
Chicken Flight SchoolHi StrikerWill the Lolly Pop you choose win you an extra prize?
Over & Under game of chance.Pin the Tail on the Donkey
How far will you launch this frog?Knock over the pins in Where will your penny land in Can you line up your balls in a rainbow?
The classic Ring a BottleRing TossPart shuffle-board, part bowling!
Slapshot Hockey- will you score a goal?Splash Down
It's not Tic Tac Toe, it's Tic Tac Toss!Remember these adorable trolls from the 80's? Now's your chance to knock 'em down!Kids love Balloons!Here's how the carnival booths look set up together.
Try your best shot at throwing a football throw a tire!
Game Booth