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Fun e-News - November 2011

Let Fun Productions Inc help you give your guests something more to be grateful for this month: FUN!

Snap Shot Success

Rent this new unit today and allow your guests to upload photos directly to facebook!

Photo Booths are the biggest trend in Corporate holiday events and weddings alike.

People across the globe clambered to celebrate their big day on 11/11/11. WeddingChannel.com estimated that 24,900 couples would say "I Do" to the once-in-a-century date, eclipsing the mere estimated 1,700 weddings on other Fridays in November.
Fun Productions Inc has added another state of the art photo booth to our extensive photo options in order to meet this demand.
Some clients get creative by arranging photo strips into their own Guestbook, while others simply enjoy watching the playful photo sessions as much as their guests enjoy having them! Clearly, there are few better keepsakes then the photographic memories of an event.
We have been having som big fun with this booth since its arrival, so check out our facebook page with some very unique photos of some of the FUN PROS.

All Shiny & New
Fun Productions is happy to celebrate the arrival of this season's hottest new units - just in time for your next event!
After many requests, it is finally here:
LED Light Up Dance Floor!
!Click *HERE* to catch the light show!
Party like a *Rock*Star*:
Combine the excitement of both singing & performing while recording your own CD in the studio!
Beatbox Recording Booth!

NACE's Best New Artist Awarded to a Fun Pro Face
Corrie Morley, Fun Productions' Effervescent Event Designer, was recently named the Best New Artist at NACE's VNA Awards held on November 8th.
Although Corrie has been learning and growing with Fun Productions since her internship from Johnson & Wales University in 2008, she has really blossomed in the responsibilities of her role as one of the main Event Designers within the past year.
*Congratulations, Corrie!*

Editor's Note
As we gear up once again to get really busy for an amazing 3 weeks of Fun for holiday parties in December, we all relish this couple of weeks when we have the time to catch our breath and reflect on our blessings.
Our blessings are many and one of the most important things we have to be thankful for, is you our fabulous customers, staff, friends, and families. As I look back to the last 20 years there are so many of you who have faithfully supported us through all the good times and a couple of struggles as well. So as you are giving your thanks please accept our gratitude! We can't thank you enough for having so much FUN with us!
Here comes December and we are ready for your holiday events. This will be the best December we have had in the last 3 years, HOORAY!! I look forward to being out on events soon and I look forward to seeing many of you out and about for the festive season as well!!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!
Dawn C. Abbott, CSEPFun Productions, Inc.
In This Issue
Snap Shot Success
Shiny & New
NACE's Best New Artist
Editor's Note
All Things Theme
Featured Fun

All Things Theme
Give Thanks!

The quintessential American tradition of Thanksgiving celebrates the best of the culture: unity, gratitude and gluttonous feasting! Start a few traditions of your own this year with the following tips:
Since the meal is the main attraction of this holiday, focus on the display of your spread. There are plenty of classics to work with such as dried leaves, gourds, ears of colorful corn. Also introduce creative elements by filling clear vases with cranberries or allowing guests to decorate their own centerpieces. The Kid's Table could be clothed in huge pieces of paper for hours of art instead of your best linens. Request old photos from those attending to create keepsake place settings. Giving centerpieces away at the end of your evening is both a great reminder of the night as well as of your own gratitude.
Fill those endless hours of waiting on the perfect turkey with fun for all. Ask everyone to bring a pie, and tweak the infamous Cake Walk into a Pumpkin Pie Parade. Draw names of all those in attendance, and have everyone secretly write a note of gratitude for the name they drew. Then place the anonymous notes at the respective seats to be found during the big meal. Or, maybe this is the year you suggest volunteering as a group in a soup kitchen. Have fun with those you love while feeding those without!
What is any American Tradition without football? While some nestle into comfy recliners to nap through the game, most hit the turf in one way or another. Go big by having teams dress as either Pilgrims or Native Americans. Invite the neighbors by "selling" tickets. Involve those not interested in playing by making them the cheerleaders. Whether your Turkey Bowl will be a quiet flag football affair or an all out battle, Fun Productions is happy to bring the FUN! From filling the concession stand to the giant inflatable 3 Point Kick or Armchair QB, Fun Pro has your back this holiday and all the rest!

Featured Fun
1) Thankful Tree:
Cut out leaves from construction paper. Have each guest write what they are thankful for, and hang the leaves on your wall in the shape of a tree for all to see.
2) Macy's Day Parade Bingo:
Construct your own age-appropriate bingo cards with random sights seen at the famous Macy's Day Parade. Hand out bags of small candies to cover any square spotted while watching. Then, wait for "BINGO!"
3) Gratitude Game:
Set a timer and ask everyone to write anything they are thankful for in the allotted timeframe. When the time is up, begin reading each entry aloud and cross off all the like items from the lists to find the unique ones.


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“Thank you so much for all you did for the Denver Broncos Fan Fair. The Game Zone was a great addition to the event and your staff was always willing to help with smiles on their faces. - Sandy Bretzlauf, Denver Broncos Football Club Sandy Bretzlauf, Denver Broncos Football Club

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