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Fun eNews – September 2011

Need a few tips for a *spooktacular* Halloween event? Hosting this years' fall festivities? Fun Productions is your hassle free, one-stop-shop!

Halloween Carnival

~Dip into Fun Productions' bag of tricks to create this years' community event, company/school fall festival, fundraiser, or that special treat for any large group who will enjoy a Halloween Trick-or-Treat-Street!

Golf Putt

~Interested in another popular option for this year's fall fling? *Classic Carnival*! Fun Productions has everything you need for a carnival theme!

CarnivalCarnival Prizes Duck Pond

~If *Octoberfest* is more your fall flavor, check out Fun Productions' extensive inventory of Sports & Bar equipment: Regulation Beer Pong, Air Hockey, Pop-a-Shots, Foosball, Ping Pong, Pool, Darts, Arcade Games, Karaoke and much much more!

Beer Pong

Featured Fun
1) Snap Apple: Instead of ruining your costume by bobbing in a bucket of water, try to "snap" a bite from an apple hanging on a string! Tie the string to the apple stem, then loop it around a tree branch (outside) or a broomstick (inside).


2) Pumpkin Bowling: Set up 1- or 2-liter plastic bottles and tape off a starting line for an instant bowling alley. Fill the bottles with sand or rice if they topple over easily. Small pumpkins with short stems work best for the bowling balls.

3) Musical Monsters: Cut out black cats, pumpkins, witches and other Halloween symbols. Place the cut outs in a circle on the floor. You'll need some haunting music to turn on/off. Guests walk around in a circle stepping on the cut outs. Stop music at random intervals, and everyone freezes on a cut out. Then take out one of the cut outs for the next round so there is one less image then guests still playing before starting the music again. Repeat until there is only one guest left - the winner.

Editor's Note

I love this season in Colorado, the weather is amazing, the leaves are beautiful and the smells of fall are in the air. The only problem is that I just want to be outside, which makes it hard to get work done.
We have been having such a great September! We have been bringing in the FUN for so many schools; "Welcome Weeks" at CU, CSU, UNC, DU & Metro just to name a few. High School Homecomings have been so much fun as they have added casino nights, photo stations and arcades to break up the dancing, plus all the cool games at the Football Tailgates. How cool is our job, eh?
I am so grateful for all of my fabulous staff, friends, family & the world's best customers! Now that we are heading into our slower season - reach out and tell us how we can help you with your upcoming and future events, give us tips, tell us about cool games and entertainment options that you have seen this year, or just say hi! Thank you!!!
Dawn Abbott, CSEP Fun Productions, Inc.
In This Issue
Featured Fun
Editor's Note
All Things Theme

Find the Fun
The Fun Pros will be flipping GetFlipped photos at the Race for the Cure on Sunday 10/9/11 from 7am-11am at the Great West Life booth. Come see us and get your very cool custom luggage tag.
Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure logo
Great West logo

All Things Theme
Wild Thing

King of Themes & Wild Things

!!There are so many ways to get wild!! Depending on your demographic, stick strictly to Maurice Sendak's classic bedtime tale or really run with the *WILD*THING* Theme...

The dress code could range from party PJs - in honor of Sendak's main character, Max - to the wild styles of Monsters, Amazon Warrior Women, Head-Hunters, Exotic Animals, or possibly just Punk Rock, Crazy '80's, etc...

Have your guests been sent to bed early without any supper? Help them sail away to "Where The Wild Things Are" by selecting a lush venue or transforming an average space with woodland elements. Trade out standard light bulbs for green and/or blue, construct large exotic butterflies & savage masks to scatter about, group green balloons in clusters of 3 to make huge leaves and, of course, drape generous gobs of green streamers as vines accented by mosquito netting, stuffed animals, toy snakes & spiders, etc. You can burn CDs of jungle sounds to play on repeat. Greet guests with a chalkboard 'Welcoming All Wild Things.'

Arrange to have crowns and wands for all little wild ones, or have them decorate their own as an Arts & Crafts. Other activities may include building forts or shadow puppets. Making monster masks allows for acting out while reading the story.

Fun Productions' is happy to provide a few favorite crafts, like Sandy Candy or Spin Art, as well as fun activities such as the inflatable Tiki Island Mountain Climb or (for the wee wild ones) Gorilligan's and Daisy-the-Dino-Ball-Pond.

If your crew are all adults who can't wait to romp with other Wild Things, maybe go for more of an overgrown concrete jungle feel. Generously scatter gobs of green streamers over graffitied walls, chaotic street signs, abandoned building facades, and the like. Pass around Jungle Beads upon arrival which must be forfeited anytime the taboo word of the night is spoken. Any door prize of the striped or spotted variety will fit the theme. This scene definitely calls for an Anything-Goes-Entertainment attitude! Fun Productions can help arrange for Fire Performers, Stilt Walkers and loose-cannon celebrity impersonators. Let us put the FUN in your photo options: Green Screen Photography could create personalized Get Flipped, Flipbooks or Magazine Covers ~ create a Girls Gone Wild spoof photo set-up or place your guests on swinging vines!

Direct guests to the grub with looming signs straight from the story: "We'll eat you up, we love you so." Play it safe with finger foods, animal crackers and platters of tropical fruit or venture into edible insects! Any kind of tropical drinks should set the stage for this Royal Rumpus: Mai Tais, Daiquiris, Jungle Juice, or Fun Pro's Margarita Slushee Machine.
Twist a few of these tips into your own Halloween monster mash! And, in the wise words of Max: "Let the wild rumpus start!"


No Very

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With your help, we did it!

Richard W. Scharf, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Denver Mile High Energy

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  1. Treat yo’ self day! Find out what would make your team feel appreciated or what is fun to them and make a day out of it.  
  2. Cereal Bar! Who doesn’t like cereal? Breakfast? Cereal. Lunch? Cereal. Afternoon Snack? Cereal. Dinner? Cereal. It is inexpensive, unexpected, and surprisingly effective. If you have the means build one in, but if you don’t, just bring in a variety of cereals and milks for a day. Bonus, no one will be hangry all day!  
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Fun at work is easy to achieve if you just make the commitment! It doesn’t have to be time consuming as all it takes is one trip to the grocery store, a calendar invite for a theme day, or a phone call/email to the Fun Pros!

(She was actually super productive this day and really excited to be at work!)

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