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Fun eNews – May 2011



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Colorado Teambuilding Events (CTE) is the Team bonding / Team adventure specialist! Find out all the ways CTE is here to help your team reach higher goals through play!

Introducing Fun Pro's Smarty-Pants Lil' Sister Company


Colorado Teambuilding Events (CTE) has created a fun and exciting variety of programs to motivate, energize, create cohesive groups, improve intra-office communication, and increase knowledge retention.


*People learn and retain 10 times more if they laugh while they learn*


Big Skiis

CTE takes care of the planning, facilitators, challenges, scorekeeping systems, team identifiers, team agendas, and maps with event instructions ... but save the FUN for you and your teams!

good teambuilding

*Pick from the wide array of general group goals:

High Tech, Fun & Physical, Charitable, Creativity, Small Groups, Venue Partner Adventures or an Outdoor Adventure!


*Or design your own adventure as easy as 1-2-3!


Corporate Responsibility Building
Make any day Earth Day with your favorite CTE Corporate Responsibility Teambuilding Event! Engage your group members in the unified construction of solar ovens, beehives,bicycles, teddy bears or other toys, which are donated to deserving charities upon completion! Whether given globally or locally, these teambuildings give back to communities as much as your group members gain from the experience.


Star Status Adventures
Tune-in to your next teambuilding adventure! Invite fans of TV shows like Survivor, Minute To Win It, Jeopardy or Millionaire to enjoy their own episode! CTE has created their own classics to help you promote communication, cohesiveness and/or information retention. Castaways tackle reward and immunity challenges along the way to the final Tribal Council in Team Survivor. Teams compete against each other and looming 'Elimination' in The Amazing Race. Test your group's retention of training material, products or services game show style during the Game Show Mania Teambuilding Event. You could even let CTE provide the needed "household items" and timer for your members to complete challenges in a Minute To Win It ~ Good Luck!

Find the Fun
Mile High Amazing Race

When: June 11th, 2011:

Where: Downtown Denver
Post Race Party ~ 2pm-4pm
On Your Mark...Get Set...*GO*SIGN*UP* for the 2011 LLS Mile High Amazing Race!
* Click Here * to check out footage from last year's Race!

Theme Teambuildings
INVESCO Teambuilding
Looking for a uniquely Colorado Experience? Check out a few of the CTE Theme Teambuildings! Welcome your group members to the pros on the magical INVESCO Field during the Football Fantasy Adventure! Invite group members to prove their competence as Colorado National Forest Rangers @The Wildlife Experience! Or, hand pick your favorite Colorado Extreme Adventures from a long list of activities!

Hi-Tech Meets Teambuilding
Hi Tech
CTE employs special software to create advanced adventures that can utilize smart phones and Ipads! All scavenger hunt locations, challenges, trivia, etc can be pre-programmed at the starting line. The entire group can even see a dashboard of the scoring throughout the race to measure how they are doing against their opponents.


Best of the Best

Colorado Teambuilding Events

(CTE) are proud to have been named *Best Teambuilding Company* by Colorado Meetings and Events Magazine in both 2008 and 2009!
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Richard W. Scharf, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Denver Mile High Energy

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