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Fun eNews March 2011


The prom has become an American high school right of passage. The party-people seldom head home after the dance, however. Let Fun Productions suggest some ways to keep the kids at your After Prom Event - or any occasion, for that matter!

* Inflate the Fun *

After-Prom Parties are on the rise as an alcohol-and drug-free fiesta. Draw the party-people to your event instead of an unsupervised student planned get-together by making your After Prom Party more interesting, entertaining and unique. Consider a few ways we at Fun Productions can help inflate the FUN:

Giant Twister

~Giant Twister: Unwind in a BIG way!

Gladiator Joust

~Gladiator Pedestal Joust: Battle it out gladiator style!

Human Bowling

~Human Bowling: Bowling nestled snuggly inside the ball!

Obstacle Course

~Obstacle Courses: Take on the fun in an inflated arena!

Wrecking Ball

~Wrecking Ball: Ensure that all your friends have a ball!

Unlike many other After Prom facilitators, Fun Productions doesn't stop with only inflatables! We are proud to be your one-stop-shop for all teen-friendly fun!


~The low-key crowd loves a Casino!

Golf Putt

~Many thrive on the competition of *Carnival*!

Speed Pitch

~Ever-popular interactives!

Guitar Hero

~Hip new high tech sure to attract teens!

Photo Strips

~And, all the latest rage in photo booth and green screen photography keepsake options!

If any of our fantastic friends and partners know where to find upcoming fun, send brief event details to info@funproductions.com. Check out our Find the Fun article. We may mention your occasion in the next newsletter!

Dawn Abbott
Fun Productions, Inc.

In This Issue
Editor's Note
Find the Fun
All Things Theme
Featured Fun

New Member of the Fun Pro Family!

Fun Productions Inc is proud to welcome our smarty-pants little sister company:
Colorado Teambuilding Events
Stop by to introduce yourself today!

Find the Fun

Mitzvah Mania
Sunday March 6, 2011:
2pm-5pm @ Infinity Park
Colorado's Best Bar & Bat Mitzvah Showcase!

Register online @ www.MitzvahMania.info
Wednesday March 16, 2011:
7:30am-6pm @ Colorado Convention Center
Come hear Dawn speak (1:45pm-3:15pm) at MIC's educational conference and trade show!

Open registration @

All Things Theme
Totally Awesome '80s Prom
Always Working for the Weekend? Make the most of your next time off with this theme idea:
~Prom tickets could invite guests and request that they join the fun by arriving in costume. Heat up the crimping iron and rat those bangs because your Girls [and their guys will] Just Wanna Have Fun!
~Bball hoops and bleachers create that High School Gym feel, but its the gobs of neon, balloons & streamers galore - maybe even a few posters from the past - that will add the needed '80s flare. Collecting actual pictures of your guests from the era ahead of time may make for a hilarious Wall of Shame. Punch and cookies should help Rock the Casbah (but determining whether to spike the punch depends on your guest demographic.)
~No prom would be complete without the infamous photo! For our purposes, the cheesier scene the better. Polaroids also provide guests with their own vintage keepsake to enjoy Time After Time.

~Fun Productions could help your guests relive their Glory Days by procuring entertainers to attend as principals, staff and chaperones. We also offer other '80's themed goodies like Classic Arcade Video Games, 'mall-style' photo booths, Giant Inflatable Twister and/or Giant Operation which are sure to be a hit!
~Above all, however, it is the playlist that will leave your friends shrieking: You Shook Me All Night Long! Whether the jams are live or a personal mix of the era's greatest, it may be best to stick with the big hits that most guests know over nostalgic favs.
~Many appropriate extras could be included, like breakdancing competitions or yearbook signings. The evening, however, as with any good prom should culminate in the coronation of its royalty. Envision it now: Balloon drops. Slowdancing. Watching all your best pals Fight for the Right (to Party!)

Featured Fun
Kids at Play
Capture the Flag, Kick the Can, Red Rover, Simon Says, Truth or Dare... In the tradition of Find-Your-Own-Fun, try a few of these for any group get-together:
1. Have guests pile their shoes at the door upon entering. Scramble thoroughly. Participants grab any two shoes (except their own), and must locate the owner before the night is done. The owner must answer any two questions about themselves before getting their shoe back. Great mixer!
2. Write your name as legibly as you can with your feet. The person who has the best 'footwriting' wins.
3. Teams of two link elbows (boy/girl, boy/girl.) All couples stand in a large circle arms length away from other teams. The girl from the "IT" couple starts in the middle of the circle, and the boy outside the circle. When "Go" is shouted, the boy rushes in and tries to tag the single girl before she links arms with the boy of another couple. If she links the boy's arm of another couple, the girl he had been joined with is bumped out into the circle as the single "IT" trying not to be tagged. If she is tagged, the single boy then tries to link arms with the girl of another couple before being tagged.


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“The events we hosted in Denver during the Democratic National Convention were a huge success. Thank you for all you did to show our delegates, and guests the best of Denver. It is no easy task to keep such a large, diverse group of people comfortable, well-fed, and entertained.”  - Jennifer M. Granholm, Governor Jennifer M. Granholm, Governor

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