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Fun eNews - January 2009



As we approach 2009 with change, motivation, and hope we would like to thank you for your continued support and confidence in Fun Productions. We understand you have choices when planning the special events that are so important to you and truly appreciate being included in those plans.

We are looking forward to a new year filled with FUN and exciting events that celebrate all the special moments and accomplishments in our world. We would love to receive any referrals of new clients that we could help to have more FUN in 2009. If you know anyone that could stand some FUN, let them know about Fun Productions and how we have helped you and your guests have more FUN in the past 17 years of our business!

Thank you!!!

A Cool New Candy Wall!!!!

This is a FUN, cravable new interactive candy station. Great for Mitzvahs, Weddings, or any event that needs to be new and hip! Our new Candy Wall will be a huge hit at any event!!!

We are proud to be partners with the biggest & best venues in Colorado!!!

Fun Productions has teamed up with Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium, Infinity Park, The Pepsi Center, and Dick's Sporting Goods Park to create summer event packages you will LOVE!!! Plan your perfect Summer Picnic or Team Adventure in a snap. Just give us the date and how many people you are expecting and we'll do the rest! We will work together to provide the field, food, and FUN all for one great package price!!!

Company Picnics & Summer Events!!!

In this tough economic environment, we all need some FUN & optimism. Your employees need to feel like the company is strong & rewards them for their hard work. Employees will truly appreciate their families being a part of the celebration.

Outdoor picnic events can be fabulous at a fraction of the cost of a typical Holiday event.

Did you know that picnics are a 100% tax deduction???

A great cost saving idea is to have an afternoon event at your work place during the week. We can bring in the Food & FUN for a Golf day, Tropical Luau, Western Round-Up, or just a party to relax & celebrate! Give us a call and we can help.

This month's FUN days to celebrate!

January 26th--------------------Chinese New Year
January 28th--------------------Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
January 30th--------------------FUN at Work day
February 2nd--------------------Groundhog Day
February 14th-------------------Valentine's Day
February 16th-------------------President's Day
February 17th-------------------My Way Day
February 24th-------------------Mardi Gras
February 25th-------------------Ash Wednesday

Make your day a FUN day!!!!

Dawn Abbott Fun Productions, Inc.


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“Thank you for the service that you and your staff rendered. According to the Fire Department, we estimate that nearly 4,000 people attended the fair. This was a wonderful family activity that could not have happened to the same degree without your help. –Lynn W. Southam, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Lynn W. Southam, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Recent Blog Post

Have some fun at work!

Monday, April 01, 2019

  1. Treat yo’ self day! Find out what would make your team feel appreciated or what is fun to them and make a day out of it.  
  2. Cereal Bar! Who doesn’t like cereal? Breakfast? Cereal. Lunch? Cereal. Afternoon Snack? Cereal. Dinner? Cereal. It is inexpensive, unexpected, and surprisingly effective. If you have the means build one in, but if you don’t, just bring in a variety of cereals and milks for a day. Bonus, no one will be hangry all day!  
  3. Take some time to laugh and relax! “You can learn more about a person in an hour of laughter than a year of conversation” – Plato. Seems simple enough, it’s just not always easy to find opportunities to bond, right? Around our office this means pajama day! It turns out that our boss wants to wear pajamas to work too. Get the boss on board for some fun and everyone will follow 
  4. “While the cat is away, the mice will play.” This old adage is outdated, and we find bonding over the little things brings our team together. Letting people take a minute to enjoy the sunshine or tell stories and not consistently be focused on the job leads to more productivity! When you need some extra time to connect we have you covered; try www.coloradoteambuildingevents.com for fun bonding experiences from Corporate Recess to in-depth training & facilitation focused on “understanding & synchronizing your team.” 
5. Serious fun! Company picnics have been our specialty for over 25 years, but why have fun just once a year? We have tons of other ways to have fun at work. Some of our favorites are mini golf in the hallway, obstacle courses in the parking lot, field day at the park, arcade games in the board room, and especially a photo booth break! Give us a call and we can come up with some custom fun for your office. 

Fun at work is easy to achieve if you just make the commitment! It doesn’t have to be time consuming as all it takes is one trip to the grocery store, a calendar invite for a theme day, or a phone call/email to the Fun Pros!

(She was actually super productive this day and really excited to be at work!)

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