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Fun eNews February 2011


As Denver says goodbye to the 105th National Western Stock Show (Jan 8-Jan 23), we here at Fun Productions have dusted off the proverbial cowboy boots to help Kick off the New Year!

Grab Some Boots to Kick Off the New Year, Pardner!
The National Western Stock Show is known to house the world's only carload and pen cattle show right here in the historic Denver Union Stockyards. Fun Productions houses some of the West's Wildest party pleasers. The next time you plan to strap on your six-shooters and round up the good ol' boys for some ole' fashion fun, let us help add the FUN to your hoe-down: Bull Ride

*Rodeo Bull Ride (19'L x 19'W x 10'H): All the FUN of the famous ride with the security of a soft inflatable landing.

Mining Sluice

*Mining Sluice (20'L x 4'W x 10'H): Stake your claim! Guests can pan for "gold" or gems to take home.

Quick Draw

*Quick Draw Saloon Shoot Out (3'L x 3'W x 8'H): Have an old fashioned shoot-out with the notorious Bad Bart.

Roller Roper

*Roller Roper (18'L x 5'W x 10'H): Mount the saddled horse and wait for the calf to shoot out, then rope yourself a "doggie".

Photo BoothPhoto Board

*Classic Photobooth (3'L x 3'W x 7'H): The 'Wanted-Poster' option makes a great keepsake for guests!

*Cowgirl/Cowboy Photo Board(4'L x 2'W x 5'H): Pose with your favorite "posse" in this Cowboy/Cowgirl canvas photo-op.

Horseshoes Popcorn Cart
*Horseshoes *Old Fashion Popcorn Cart
Salloon GirlsBuffalo Bill

*Live entertainment like Cowboy/Cow Girl face painter or balloon artist, Saloon Girls, Line Dance Instructors or Western Games Wizard with themed races like Cowpie Toss or Steerhead Roping Contest.

Dawn Abbott
Fun Productions, Inc.

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Kick Off the New Year
All Things Theme
Featured Fun

All Things Theme

Itchin' for a new twist to that same ol' Wild West theme? Why not consider...

Western Future World


The original Wild West can be created in one area with all the old classics: Hay Bales, wagon wheels, playing card centerpieces, and maybe a mock main street, outhouse or jail facade. Country Music wafting through could set the mood. Scattered signs advising "No Guns Allowed" or "No Spittin'" are an important element. Grub, like beans, BBQ or trail mix, can be served from a faux covered wagon. (Denver caterers create some amazing options ~ for example, check out a few theme menus from Denver's Picnic Company!) Door prizes, like Harmonicas, Badges, Handcuffs, etc..., could be collected from a General Store. Costumes of big skirts, badges and ten gallon hats could be required. Add some real pizzazz with a piano player or a roaming outlaw of your own. How about hosting a Line dance and/or Square Dance contest?

Guests can travel (abandoned mine shaft? Train tunnel? Time Machine Hayride or Stage-Coach-Style?) between a second area where they find themselves taken back to the future ~ the Wild West of 2020! Think neon, black lights, pyrotechnics, virtual reality, stilt walkers, fire performers. Cowboy boots with flames, and silver-skirted casino tables add a futuristic look to some old standards. Apply Rock/Pop/Techno music generously ...and enjoy!

Fire Performers

Featured Fun

Looking to make your own Fun? Try one of these at your next Homestead Hoedown:

1. A Barnyard Animal Sounds Contest can be hilarious for all ages!

2.Break out the arts & crafts to Design A Bandit Mask or Brand as groups or as individual guests.

3.'Snake~Bite' is similar to 'Hot Potato'. Pass off the toy snake to another guest before you're left holding it when the country music stops.

4.Construct a relay course where team members throw on Western wear before racing (on stick horse, of course!) between stations of suction cup dart or water guns knocking over tin can targets, lassoing a log, spitting watermelon seeds, horseshoes or corraling unruly Balloons in a round-up.

5.Find out who is the fastest Water Gun in the West! Another variation is to arm teams with water balloons, which are to be held at their side until someone yells "Draw." Balloons are then thrown, and the wettest team loses.


No Very

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"Thank you so much for the wonderful job Fun Productions did with the games on Friday night at the Colorado Motor Carriers Association (CMCA) convention at the Sheraton Resort in Steamboat Springs.  Our attendees absolutely loved the bull riding, calf roping, high striker and other games.

Tanner did an excellent job getting everything setup on time and the event went very, very smoothly.  Your professionalism is truly an asset to the entertainment industry. I look forward to future opportunities to work together. " - JoLane Hochstetler,  President (Independent Contractor for CMCA)

JoLane Hochstetler, President (Independent Contractor for CMCA)

Recent Blog Post

Have some fun at work!

Monday, April 01, 2019

  1. Treat yo’ self day! Find out what would make your team feel appreciated or what is fun to them and make a day out of it.  
  2. Cereal Bar! Who doesn’t like cereal? Breakfast? Cereal. Lunch? Cereal. Afternoon Snack? Cereal. Dinner? Cereal. It is inexpensive, unexpected, and surprisingly effective. If you have the means build one in, but if you don’t, just bring in a variety of cereals and milks for a day. Bonus, no one will be hangry all day!  
  3. Take some time to laugh and relax! “You can learn more about a person in an hour of laughter than a year of conversation” – Plato. Seems simple enough, it’s just not always easy to find opportunities to bond, right? Around our office this means pajama day! It turns out that our boss wants to wear pajamas to work too. Get the boss on board for some fun and everyone will follow 
  4. “While the cat is away, the mice will play.” This old adage is outdated, and we find bonding over the little things brings our team together. Letting people take a minute to enjoy the sunshine or tell stories and not consistently be focused on the job leads to more productivity! When you need some extra time to connect we have you covered; try www.coloradoteambuildingevents.com for fun bonding experiences from Corporate Recess to in-depth training & facilitation focused on “understanding & synchronizing your team.” 
5. Serious fun! Company picnics have been our specialty for over 25 years, but why have fun just once a year? We have tons of other ways to have fun at work. Some of our favorites are mini golf in the hallway, obstacle courses in the parking lot, field day at the park, arcade games in the board room, and especially a photo booth break! Give us a call and we can come up with some custom fun for your office. 

Fun at work is easy to achieve if you just make the commitment! It doesn’t have to be time consuming as all it takes is one trip to the grocery store, a calendar invite for a theme day, or a phone call/email to the Fun Pros!

(She was actually super productive this day and really excited to be at work!)

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