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Fun eNews – August 2011

Saved by the *FUN*! Back to school should not mean an end of good times. Let Fun Productions Inc help kick off the school year with a smile!

Head of the Class
Fun Productions Inc is at the head of its class in providing the FUN for your next school event! We are happy to help with Welcome Weeks, Fall Festivals/Carnivals, Pep Rallies, Homecoming Rushes, Spring Flings, After Proms or any event that needs to be FUN!

Golf PuttObstacle Coursehuman hamster ball

Gamer LoungePhoto StripsGiant Twister

Fun Productions Inc also has the solution for planning your next college campus special event program! Check out our package deals or simply pick and choose from our extensive inventory.

All Things Theme
Football FUNatics
Pre-Season is drawing to a close which means that it is Pigskin-Themed-Party-Time again! Here are a few ideas to ensure your next group huddle is a touchdown!

Invite your favorite fans with mock game tickets that include all the applicable details for your day. Ask the rowdy crowd to arrive in uniform: team colors, painted faces, etc...

Decorate your venue with pennants, banners, posters, fan crowd signs, maybe even fake grass centerpieces - perfect for finger football. Concession stand foods will really set the mood! Ask Fun Productions to supply the popcorn, nachos, hot dog roller, pretzel warmer, or cotton candy!

Create bleacher style seating, even if you're just hanging out in front of the big screen. Die-hard fans may appreciate a different area for the strictly socializers as well as a separate kids zone.

How about a few of the following highlights for the ultimate Tailgate from Fun Productions Inc:


Armchair QB: Perfect your passes!

Sports Picnic Theme

3 Point Kick: Flaunt your fancy footwork!

Helmet Go Racer

Go Racers: Helmet racers around an inflatable track - No danger of helmet hair!

Sports Arena

Sports Arena: Practice your Touchdown Pass!

Sports Challenge

Bungee Sports Challenge: Bungee Tug-O-War against an opponent to gain more yards down an inflated field!

Elec Football TossCarnival Football Toss

Electric or Carnival Football Tosses

In This Issue
Head of the Class
All Things Theme ~ Football!
Find the Fun
Featured Fun
Editor's Note

Find the Fun
Mothers Arms

Help children live a better life by simply enjoying the beautiful Spruce Mountain Guest Ranch!

Benefit both the CASA Colorado Springs and The Freedom Foundation by attending!



Larkspur, CO


Click *HERE* to learn more!

Featured Fun
Right to Recess

With school back in full swing, why not try a few of the following recess favorites:


1) Red Light, Green Light:

The "it" player is in the middle with their back to a lineup of players. At "Green Light" the line of players creep/walk/run toward the "it" player until he/she spins around and yells "Red Light!" Anyone who doesn't instantly freeze is sent back to Start. First to touch the "it" player gets to now become "it".

2) Hot and Cold:
Hide a prize in a room with all players but one present. Bring in the absent player, and ask the crowd to hum like bees while the one player looks for the prize. Everyone hums louder when the seeker is looking in the right place, and more quietly when he/she is not.
3) Sausage:

All players sit in a circle but one. The player in the middle needs to refrain from laughing. Each player asks the "it" player a question, but the "it" player can only answer, "sausage". The first person to make the "it" player laugh wins a try in the middle.

Editor's Note
Thank you!
Dawn Abbott
Fun Productions, Inc.


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“Thank you so much for all you did for the Denver Broncos Fan Fair. The Game Zone was a great addition to the event and your staff was always willing to help with smiles on their faces. - Sandy Bretzlauf, Denver Broncos Football Club Sandy Bretzlauf, Denver Broncos Football Club

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