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Fun eNews – August 2010



It's that time again: Back to School! One of our favorite times of the year, we love to help welcome back students. From College Homecomings, Fall Festivals, Welcome Weeks to Pep Rallies we do tons of school events every year. We even have great all-star packages; you choose from inflatables, sports games, carnival games, concessions & casino games. what's best for your event? There's no better way to start off the school year than with fun & games! Click here to learn more.


One of our favorite team building programs is Survivor Island. Loosely based on the reality show, it's a great way to get a group of people working together. (No one gets cast off...)

The group of castaways are broken up into tribes. Each tribe is given their day's agenda and are asked to create a tribe name and chant. Multiple challenge stations are chosen and tribes go head to head. Immunity challenges are also set up along the way, giving the tribes more opportunities to earn extra points.

Some of the Challenges include:

Blind Leading the Blind: Each tribe mate is blindfolded and guided by a "sighted" member to locate the pieces of a puzzle. The tribes then bring the pieces back to the "solving area" to put together the puzzle. Which becomes a word search and phrase solve. The first tribe to complete the puzzle will win.

Blind Leading the Blind: Tribes must have two members paddle their raft. The other tribe mates remove obstacles and build the "river" for their raft to move across. The team that crosses first will be victorious.

Castaway Course: The tribes race the biggest, baddest obstacle course through various physical challenges such as the army crawl, balance beam, rope ladder, and wall climb.

Tribal Plank Race: Tribes will coordinate their efforts to operate the tribal planks to be the first past the finish line.

For more information on Survivor Island, Click here


It's never too early to start thinking about your holiday party. Fridays & Saturdays in December get booked up months in advance for some of the more popular event locations in town. Have your party in November or January instead & you'll typically have greater availability and quite often save money.

Plus, check out the coupon at the bottom of this newsletter. We're currently offering 10% off your equipment rental fees for any holiday party booked in September or October!


It's not too late to start planning your company picnic! September is a great month for picnic FUN: The weather is still beautiful, venues and parks have more availability & people aren't as busy with summer vacations, weekend getaways, etc.

Give us a call so we can help plan your summer event! Or click here for more information about our summer picnic packages!


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“Thank you for the service that you and your staff rendered. According to the Fire Department, we estimate that nearly 4,000 people attended the fair. This was a wonderful family activity that could not have happened to the same degree without your help. –Lynn W. Southam, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Lynn W. Southam, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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