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Fun eNews - April 2010


Summer Picnics

Well, spring has sprung, and summer is right around the corner. Summer is the best time of year for all of your FUN outdoor picnics & Team Adventures!! Did you know company picnics are 100 % tax deductible? What a great idea to let your employees or customers know you care. Keep an eye out (here & on Twitter and Facebook) for more information on our picnic services & events!!


Haven't gotten your basketball fill yet?? If not, Fun Productions has a wide variety of games to help you add some fun to your March Madness party!!

pop a shot POP A SHOT: A Classic Favorite! Link up to 6 games together & challenge your friends!

Armchair   Basketall ARMCHAIR BASKETBALL: You have to experience this to believe it!! Sit back in a recliner that will shake, rattle and roll while you try to score some free throws!

bungee basket all BUNGEE BASKETBALL: You and your partner can play basketball - tug-o-war style!

FUN TRIVIA: Tell us either what year or who invented the March Madness tournament & get 20% off your first order of any one basketball game!

NEW ITEM: Human Hamster Balls!

human hamster ballHuman Hamster Balls™ are 7-foot inflatable spheres like you saw on American Gladiators!! Get ready to roll in these ultra durable, clear vinyl, heat sealed, airtight spheres. Players use their hands and feet to rotate and move the spheres from the inside as they race against their opponent. This is a great team building activity and very visual. Great for summer picnics or any time you are looking for a new way to have fun!!

Teambuilding with Corporate Social Responsibility

You asked for it, we have it. We've added elements to our Teambuilding that give back to the community. What better way to get your employees excited that to have them work together on a project that gives back in a socially responsible way?

1. Global Solar - is a team adventure in which teams have a great time and gain some new skills competing in challenges that end in the building of solar ovens. These ovens are a 100% green way for people in third world nations to boil water. When we send them to places like Africa they can be the difference between life & death. your people will feel fantastic about the bonding experience they had and being able to help some very needy populations in the process.

2. Build a bike, wooden toy, or stuffed animal challenges are another way that teams can get the ROI they need in creating a team bonding experiences while helping others who are less fortunate. The bikes and toys get donated to local hospitals, group homes, and shelters.

We are in the process of developing some new unique ways that can help companies have events that are fun, develop cohesion, and make a difference in the world - so stay tuned!

For more information on our teambuilding: http://www.funproductions.com/FunPages/Teambuilding.htm

Rent Three, Get one FREE!!

mini golfRent any game/item in our inventory at $250 and up Monday - Thursday during June - September three times (or three things at once) and get your choice of one of the following Monday - Thursday absolutely free:

Deluxe Bingo, Mini-Golf, Ice Cream Cart, Hot Dog Roller, Foosball, Money Machine, a Fly Guy, Air Hockey, Pop-A-Shot, or 4 feather banners.

Think about adding some fun summer afternoons to your office. People can just take a quick break; play a round of mini-golf or foosball, and grab a hot dog or ice cream snack and then get back to work. An easy & very cost effective way to Sprinkle FUN throughout the summer months!


co mapDid you know we travel all over the state bringing fun to wherever you are?? We've done countless events throughout the mountains to Vail, Hayden, Keystone, and Aspen among others. We travel south down to the Springs & Pueblo and up north to Greely, Fort Collins & even Cheyenne. With our fleet of trucks, portable games and reliable staff, we're ready whenever to load up our fun & travel wherever necessary. Let us bring the fun to you!


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“Thank you so much for helping us make our company Christmas party a success! I couldn’t have asked for better service from your staff. They were prompt, professional, and very accommodating. Those of us who are ‘gambling challenged’ appreciated the time they took in teaching us how to play the games. We look forward to working with you in the future. I think the casino-night theme will be an ongoing tradition.” - Jennifer Dawe, Aztec Consultants, Inc. Jennifer Dawe, Aztec Consultants, Inc.

Recent Blog Post

Have some fun at work!

Monday, April 01, 2019

  1. Treat yo’ self day! Find out what would make your team feel appreciated or what is fun to them and make a day out of it.  
  2. Cereal Bar! Who doesn’t like cereal? Breakfast? Cereal. Lunch? Cereal. Afternoon Snack? Cereal. Dinner? Cereal. It is inexpensive, unexpected, and surprisingly effective. If you have the means build one in, but if you don’t, just bring in a variety of cereals and milks for a day. Bonus, no one will be hangry all day!  
  3. Take some time to laugh and relax! “You can learn more about a person in an hour of laughter than a year of conversation” – Plato. Seems simple enough, it’s just not always easy to find opportunities to bond, right? Around our office this means pajama day! It turns out that our boss wants to wear pajamas to work too. Get the boss on board for some fun and everyone will follow 
  4. “While the cat is away, the mice will play.” This old adage is outdated, and we find bonding over the little things brings our team together. Letting people take a minute to enjoy the sunshine or tell stories and not consistently be focused on the job leads to more productivity! When you need some extra time to connect we have you covered; try www.coloradoteambuildingevents.com for fun bonding experiences from Corporate Recess to in-depth training & facilitation focused on “understanding & synchronizing your team.” 
5. Serious fun! Company picnics have been our specialty for over 25 years, but why have fun just once a year? We have tons of other ways to have fun at work. Some of our favorites are mini golf in the hallway, obstacle courses in the parking lot, field day at the park, arcade games in the board room, and especially a photo booth break! Give us a call and we can come up with some custom fun for your office. 

Fun at work is easy to achieve if you just make the commitment! It doesn’t have to be time consuming as all it takes is one trip to the grocery store, a calendar invite for a theme day, or a phone call/email to the Fun Pros!

(She was actually super productive this day and really excited to be at work!)

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