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Fun E-News October 2011

Its casino season again! Let the good times roll....

Fun Pro: Your Ace in the Hole
Craps Play your cards right when planning this year's holiday party! Casino Nights are all the rage, and Fun Productions Inc is your ace in the hole after producing successful Casino Nights since 1992!
Craps Shoot Roulette007Roulette

Fun Productions provides all the quality equipment to keep your guests on a roll. Professional tables with chips, cards, play money, and exceptional dealers.

3 Card Poker

Vegas Style Games include: Craps, Black Jack, Roulette Poker, Texas Hold Em, Wheel of Fortune, Caribbean Stud, Let it Ride, Pai' Gow, Bingo and More!


Got Game?
Gamer Lounge
What about the holiday guests not interested in gambling games? A different type of cool Gamer Lounge is the perfect add-on to any casino!
Pool TablesPop.a.Shots Foosball Kids
Air Hockey

Wow, what a quick and beautiful fall. I love autumn in Colorado, the weather is perfect and the colors are stunning. But as quickly as it came out it was gone with our first beautiful snow. I guess the only constant is change, huh?
We are gearing up for our 19th successful holiday season. Its hard to believe that Fun Productions' first event was in January of 1992. We are excited to be turning 20 and celebrating that amazing milestone. What a ride! I can't believe I am that old and I know most people are amazed that I was able to start an event company when I was only 8 years old, ha ha!
Way back then all we did were casino nights, so we have gotten it down to a science. Fun Productions is your clear experienced choice for holiday parties that include casino nights and any FUN games and entertainment concepts you can add to make this year's holiday party the best ever!
Look out for some FUN new additions to our staff and our inventory towards the beginning of the year. And, of course, we will be celebrating our 20th birthday all year long!
Dawn Abbott, CSEP Fun Productions, Inc.
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Ace in the Hole
Got Game?
Editor's Note
All Things Theme
Featured Fun

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Holiday Event Packages

All Things Theme
Viva Vintage Vegas Vegas Sign  
Vintage is in! Add some class to this year's casino themed event by going for *Classic*Vegas*!
Think Rat Pack, James Bond, Elvis & Ann Margaret, etc....

*Make invites from the sheet music of an ol' Sinatra fav: Luck be a Lady. You may choose to ask that guests arrive dressed as a key classic Hollywood player or Sin City gangster.

*Red, black, gold or silver set the color scheme for this theme. Sprinkle twinkle lights galore for that Vegas feel! Vintage travel posters may be appropriate, especially if you fashion your venue after a specific notorious hotel. Enlist the Fun Pro's to arrange for character actors, or add a few of the cardboard cut-out variety for authenticity. Don't forget to ask a few burly friends to don a monkey-suit and stand in as bouncers for this VIP event!

*Fun Productions can provide the deluxe karaoke system to bring out the Sinatra in all attendees. How about FUN photo options, props like boas and top hats also available. Or, go green screen and provide guests a great memento of their night actually pictured in a real Vegas Scene! Fun Pro, of course, is also your hassle free one-stop-shop for any quality casino equipment from tables/dealers to slot machines.

*Ask a few friends to roam the room with drink trays as Chorus girls, or enlist the Fun Productions' entertainers.

Setting up a Martini Bar would be a great use of space. If you decide to do dinner tables, name each after a Vintage Vegas hot spot like The Sands, Stardust, The Flamingo.... Food arranged in the famous Vegas Buffet Style may be ideal, however. Centerpieces could be flower filled martini glasses or upside down felt hats full of bogus bills.

*Say goodnight to guests with a goodie bag filled with lottery tickets, a lucky rabbit's foot, candy coins, card decks and/or fuzzy dice to remember their night - as such a theme is sure to make everyone want to remember!


Featured Fun
Stock Casino
1) Upper Hand: Make nametags for guests from mini playing cards. Score groups who present themselves as winning poker hands for prizes.
2) Betting on Bond: Select short segments from well-know casino movies, such as James Bond. Guests can bet beforehand on random aspects, such as how many cigarettes Bond lights, or how many times he says "Moneypenny." The closest player wins the round.
3) Gambling on the Games: Add extra aspects of gambling to the card games by setting a time limit. The guest who has accrued the most money in the allotted timeframe should get to pick a prize.


No Very

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“Thank you for the service that you and your staff rendered. According to the Fire Department, we estimate that nearly 4,000 people attended the fair. This was a wonderful family activity that could not have happened to the same degree without your help. –Lynn W. Southam, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Lynn W. Southam, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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  1. Treat yo’ self day! Find out what would make your team feel appreciated or what is fun to them and make a day out of it.  
  2. Cereal Bar! Who doesn’t like cereal? Breakfast? Cereal. Lunch? Cereal. Afternoon Snack? Cereal. Dinner? Cereal. It is inexpensive, unexpected, and surprisingly effective. If you have the means build one in, but if you don’t, just bring in a variety of cereals and milks for a day. Bonus, no one will be hangry all day!  
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Fun at work is easy to achieve if you just make the commitment! It doesn’t have to be time consuming as all it takes is one trip to the grocery store, a calendar invite for a theme day, or a phone call/email to the Fun Pros!

(She was actually super productive this day and really excited to be at work!)

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