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Fun E-News July 2011


* THE HEAT IS ON * Let Fun Productions' help you enjoy your event in any kind of Colorado weather!


Made in the Shade

Tents are great in the summer heat! We use tents as a way to protect against sun overexposure as much as we do for protection against inclement weather. Add a misting hose to a few areas in the tent or even a giant portable swamp cooler! Tents are one feature that all of your guests - especially the older and the very young - will appreciate during your event.


Explore a few of our trusted tenting partners to ensure your next event is made in the shade:



We are so proud to announce that one of Fun Productions' owners has earned her CSEP designation! Dawn Abbott, CSEP is the only individual in Colorado to have earned the certification through her dedication to the industry over the last 20 years.

The CSEP designation is the hallmark of professional achievement in the special events industry. It is earned through education, performance, experience, and service to the industry, and reflects a commitment to professional conduct and ethics.

Established in 1993, the Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP) designation recognizes event professionals who have successfully demonstrated the knowledge, skills and ability essential to preform all components of a special event. This program was developed to:

  • Increase the proficiency of event professionals
  • Elevate industry standards and practices
  • Establish the level of knowledge and performance necessary for certification
  • Promote the advancement of the special events industry
  • Advance the careers of practitioners
  • Acknowledge the high caliber work of CSEPs and the value of the products and services they provide

The CSEP continues a remarkable progression as world wide recognition of the special events industry continues to develop. Now more than ever before, professionals within the industry recognize the CSEP to be an influential designation for the education and the promotion of professional ethics and standards.


Wow where has summer gone??? At Fun Productions we have been so busy with some of the greatest events in our history we have barely stopped to check out the greens of summer.

The Colorado weather has just been so gracious to us and really helped to create some fantastic Company Picnics, Festivals, Teambuilding Events, and Parties. We are not stopping yet, August and September are our busiest months of the year and the best months for Company Picnics. Dont forget to holler at us so we can get your summer event planned before the leaves change!

I would like to say thank you and Aw Shucks for all of the warm congratulations and the article above regarding earning my CSEP. It was a goal I set years ago and am very pleased to have achieved it finally. Who's next???
All My Best,
Dawn Abbott, CSEP CEO/Really Fun Gal & Editor
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Made in the Shade
CSEP Congratulations!
All Things Theme
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All Things Theme

*A Very Merry Unbirthday*

Chesire Cat

Don't be late for a very important date! Shape invites as playing cards, hats, tea bags ...or just include the tea bag schwag as a bonus. Be sure to ask that guests come dressed to impress in attire for all to admire.
Decorate your entrance as the Rabbit Hole and passage into Wonderland. Guests could be greeted by a long colorful banquet table set in various sizes of teacups - anything from flower pots as the larger "cups" down to the smallest borrowed from a doll tea set. In true Mad Hatter fashion, crazy hats could serve as all type of decor - including flower pot center pieces for the table. Sprinkle conversation hearts, crazy keys or other whimsical charms between centerpieces. Have some fun with the seating by including all size, shape and color chairs, stools, thrones, etc... Assorted paper lanterns could add color above. Different size and shaped clocks could be strewn about the venue - all stopped at tea time: 6 o'clock. As with any good tea party, offer assorted beverage options, cupcakes and finger foods cut into hearts, clubs, spades, bunnies, etc... Don't forget to add "Eat Me" and "Drink Me" labels to your feast! Fun Productions can provide the Casino Night , Croquet and other lawn entertainment like Bocce Ball, Corn Hole, and Horseshoes , as well as arrange for the roaming Magician ! Create a life-size chess board on the ground, where guests can become the lawn pawns. Throw in some lawn flamingos and perhaps rabbit tracks through a garden area. Contrariwise, make a game of answering the opposite to every question asked or hand out name tags with backward spellings as guests arrive which are to then be used throughout the night. Maybe even project versions of Alice in Wonderland or Tom Petty's infamous 'Don't Come Around Here No More' music video on the side of a building or large screen. Fun Productions can even help with a DJ , unless you choose to simply construct your own playlist with a few of the following: 'White Rabbit' Jefferson Airplane, 'I am the Walrus' The Beatles, or 'Heads Will Roll" Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
No party like the present, so use this theme for your next shindig! "If you knew time as well as I do," said the Hatter, "you wouldn't talk about wasting it."

Featured Fun

Sack Race

Finding games to fit your theme just takes a little creativity. Below are examples of popular classics adjusted to work with this month's theme of a Mad Hatter Tea Party:

1) Getting Crafty:

a) Paint your own tea set.

b) Decorate your own Mad Hat.

2) Child's Play:

a) Pin-the-Grin-on-the-Cheshire-Cat ...instead of Tail-on-the-Donkey.

b) Transform Musical Chairs into 'Clean Cup', where guests have to scramble for a different seat whenever a guest yells out, "Clean Cup."

3) Head-to-Head:

a) Turn a simple game of Hearts into a full-blown tournament.

b) Organize a relay race with games like "I'm Late Sack Race" or filling a bucket at one end by only using a tea cup from the other end.

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“I want to thank you again for all that you do for us here at the Tennyson Center. You have once again made our field day a great event for the kids here. I heard so many great comments about how fun everything was. I look forward to working with you again!” –Bill Feeley, PE Teacher, Tennyson Center for Children Bill Feeley, PE Teacher, Tennyson Center for Children

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