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Monday, January 26, 2015

Big Things are Coming to all Three Companies!
The latest and greatest options of 2015

Big Things are Coming to all Three Companies!
The latest and greatest options of 2015
The New Year means new fun & games for the client's of Colorado Teambuilding Events, Fun Productions Inc & VIE Events!
"Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun!"
~Randy Pausch

A breath of fresh air! Our newest photo booth option prints onsite, includes logo and/or overlay, electronically delivers photos to email, Twitter & Facebook, live streams to a social media page or album, can print photos taken on smart phones using a hashtag, and has a green screen background available!

Play like a champion in our Virtual Sports Booth! Choose from 11 different games: Zombie Dodgeball, Baseball, Basketball, Carnival, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Home Run Derby, QB Challenge & Rugby. Play with real equipment to throw, run, bat, kick, and swing!

I'd like to buy a WOW! Our popular Game Show Mania now offers new options for games and buzzers including table top, audience response, and wireless!
Cannonball Blaster
Have a blast in this inflatable arena! One team per side drop foam balls into air cannons in an attempt to make their ball in the opposite team's net located on front of each cannon.
Toddler Zone

Toddlers, welcome to Toy Town! Kids will bounce, climb & slide among a lot of activities, colorful pop-ups, and 3D characters.

Inflatable Carnival
Come one, come all! Choose 5 carnival games to be housed in this fun inflatable surround!
Splash Down
A quick dip! Similar to a dunk tank, someone sits under the bucket while foam balls are thrown at the target. Once hit, the bucket releases water onto the player below!
Cow Milking Contest
Hard work has never been more fun! Players compete as they try to get the most "milk" into their bucket when milking the faux udders.
Cow Pie Fly
How far will your pie fly? Attempt to throw faux cow pies into the slot under the cow to win.
Photo Board - Beach
Say cheese! Get your picture on "Muscle Beach" with a brand new beach bod!!
Mineshaft Madness
FUN rush! Choose from 6 giant keys to find the 4 which will unlock carts blocking a gold nugget from racing through the mine out the tunnel.
Maze Runner

Maze daze! Spin the maze with the bottom wheel hoping to guide your ball safely through.

Snake Pit

Snake charmers needed! Players attempt to roll the ball down the raceway without letting it fall into the snake pit below.


Call in the skeet squad! Players try to roll the balls up the ally and into one of the three holes in this classic game.

Horse Hop Race

Head to the races like never before! Racers sit on "horses", balance with the top handle, and use their legs to hop to victory.

Gear Up

Escape the daily grind! Fit 10 gears onto their centers, and crank the starting gear to raise all 4 flags ... in only 50 seconds!

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