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College Event Planning Checklist

Friday, August 12, 2016

If you have never planned a welcome week it can be overwhelming. Here are a few important items to think about when planning your welcome week. 

  • Theme! How does the theme fit with:
    • Location 
    • Date 
    • Attendees 
    • Overall goal
  • Location
    • Indoors 
      • Do you have access to power? (how many outlets are available? How much power do you need?) 
      • What are the ceiling heights? 
      • What is available for the space? Tables, chairs, linens, etc 
      • Doors - single doors or double? If double, is there a middle bar that can be removed? 
    • Outdoors 
      • What is the load in like? - can trucks/vehicles drive on sidewalks or grass to unload and drop off? If not, what is the access like and how do you foresee them moving the items to the location? 
      • Access to power - is power available within a reasonable amount of length (typically less than 75ft) or will generators need to be provided? 
      • If during the day - what is shade and coverage like? Do you need tents or tables with umbrellas? 
      • If at night/evening - is the area well lit or will you need additional lighting (some areas need permits for lighting after certain hours as well, make sure to keep look into this with city/campus ordinances) 
      • Can items be secured with stakes? Or are weights required? Just because there is a grassy area does not mean staking is OK, some facilities do not allow staking, or even certain types of equipment due to damage they could have to the grass/area 
  • Entertainment 
    • Music - Live music or bands? DJ or sound system with digitally loaded music? 
    • Fun & Games Inflatables? Carnival? Talent (face painters, balloon artists, fire eaters)? 
  • Food
    • Food stations? Catering? Food Trucks? Concessions? 
    • Beverages - nonalcoholic or alcoholic - do you need designated areas for each? 
  • Rentals
    • Tents 
    • Tables (with linens or covers?) 
    • Centerpieces or table decor (balloons, flowers, etc) 
    • Chairs 
    • Power - electricity 
    • Lighting (if in the evening) 
    • Trash Cans/Recycling 
    • Restrooms - do you need to rent additional facilities 
    • Staging - for announcements, presentations or band needs? 
    • Dance Floor 
    • AV - sound systems, mics, screens, projectors, TVs, etc 
  • Timeline of day of events
    • Load in of vendors - when is the facility available for delivery? 
    • Set up times - how long does it take for set up, per vendor, full scale, etc 
    • Actual event happens 
    • Clean up and tear down - do all items need to be removed the same day/night? 
  • Site Visits and walk through with vendors and facilities
    • Are there things that your vendors need to see in order to have an easier load in/out? 
  • Create site map of setup location of each item and send it to your vendors
  • Do you need to create invitations for guests or marketing for the event?
  • Will you have registration at event to keep a guest count?

If this still sounds mind-boggling just give us a call, we are happy to help!

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